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Board and Officers

Board and Officers

2020-2021 Board of Directors:

Carl Carlson: Skrewball Whiskey, LLC.

Caitlin DeClercq Abelli: The Wine Group

Robert Fortin: Partner, 21st Century Spirits, LLC

Andrew S. Goodman: Red Bull (Retired)

Jerry Haight: ABC Marketing

Steve Haro: Trader Joe's (retired)

Cheri Hoffer: Tequila Casa Dragones

Phil Markert: Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions Inc.

Henry Wong: (in memoriam)

Jon Scriven: Heaven Hill Distributors

Ryan Dow: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Scott Simenton: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Amy Seifert: Regal Wine Company

Dick Williams: Gelson's Markets, (retired)

Mike Ross: BodyArmor

Bob Thompson: Gallo Sales Company

Kris Williams: RNDC-USA

Richard Brombach: Clark Drug Company (board member Emeritus)

Denny Despars: E & J Gallo Wine Company (board member Emeritus)


President - Kathie Kennedy: Gallo Winery 

Vice President - Holly Winneker: Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits

 Treasurer - Steve Powell: RNDC-USA

Secretary - Derek  Carlson: RNDC - USA

Historian - Canon Thomas: Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits


Chris Condit: Trader Joe's Company

Mark Kalkbrenner: Costco Wholesale

Paul Newmann: Costco Wholesale


2019-2020     Paul Mackey: William Grant & Sons

2017 - 2019   Ryan Dow:  Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits

2015 - 2017 Mike Ross: Heineken USA

2013 - 2015 Caitlin DeClercq-Abelli: The Wine Group

2010 - 2013 Jon Scriven: Heaven Hill Distributors

2010 John Reiter: MillerCoors

2009 Sean McCaffery: Young's Market Company

2008 Phil Reichmann: Wine Warehouse

2007 Melinda Nightengale: Young's Market Company: in memorial

2006 Amy Seifert: Regal Wine Co.

2003 - 2005 Kevin Gorgen: Fetzer Vineyards

2002 Jim Reed: Pernod Ricard

2001 Chris Dillon: Southcorp Wines USA

2000 Jeff Parsons: Brown Forman Beverages

1999 Vince Zaninovich: Young's Market Company

1998 Andrea Wells: Wine Warehouse

1997 Dan Horsch: Constellation, USA

1996 Ron Ziomek: U.S. Beverages, LLC.

1995 Cheri Hoffer: The Patron Spirits Company

1994 Carlos Guerra: Southern Wine & Spirits

1993 Rob Rogers: Gallo Wine Company : in memorial

1992 Bill Mattingly: Coors Brewing Company

1991 Darlene Barrett: Cadbury Beverages

1990 Andrew S. Goodman: Anheuser Busch, Inc.

1989 Robert Fortin: Wine Warehouse

1987 - Founder, Thomas Henry, Ralphs Grocery Company