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Scholarship Program


Applications closed February 15, 2023


The Christermon Foundation is a non-profit organization of the California Beverage Alcohol Industry. It was established in 1987 to support worthy charities and develop a scholarship program. The mission of the Foundation is to demonstrate and promote a positive image for our industry within the community.

Since 1988 the Foundation has awarded over 6.7 million dollars to over 3,000 California students whose parents and/or grandparents are proprietors of, or employed full time with an individual or corporation holding a California liquor license. The 2023 application will be available mid Fall, 2022. Beverage Industry Scholarships are sponsored and supported by manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and customers within the industry. The Foundation is proud to manage and maintain the scholarship program in its entirety for sponsoring companies. Scholarship checks for the total amount donated by corporate sponsors and the Christermon Foundation are mailed directly to student's college to be used toward tuition and housing.

The licensed California Beverage Industry offers college scholarships in amounts from $3,000 to $6,000 to qualified graduating California high school seniors and eligible California community college students who will attend an accredited four-year college or university based within the United States, beginning with the fall 2022 semester.



Undergraduate scholarships will be awarded to California based children, grandchildren or legal guardians of persons who currently hold full-time employment with, or are proprietor of and currently working for a company holding a valid California liquor, beer or wine license. This includes restaurants, hotels, retail & wholesale establishments, airlines, breweries, wineries, etc.

*Student employment, or employment by family member other than parent/grandparent does not qualify.

*Undergraduate candidates currently enrolled in a four-year college/university are ineligible to apply.

*Students planning to attend a two-year college are ineligible to apply but can apply upon transfer to a four-year university.

*IMPORTANT: If parent/grandparents employer considers full-time employment less than 40-hours per week, please be prepared to include a statement from said company indicating their work-week policy.


The Beverage Industry is proud to announce a new scholarship level - THE GRADUATE DEGREE SCHOLARSHIP for individuals residing in California, currently employed with a company or individual holding a California wine, spirits or beer license who will continue their career path within the California licensed beverage industry and plan to pursue a post-graduate degree from a United States University or College. 


    1. Candidate will attend an accredited four-year college or university within the United States with Freshman/full-time status beginning with the Fall 2023 term/semester.
    2. Candidate participates in specific extra-curricular high school activities, as defined within essay and detailed on the required extra-curricular worksheet.
    3. Essay: STRONG COMMUNITY SERVICE IS INTREGRAL FOR SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION TO THIS PROGRAM. Your essay to the given prompt with attention to specific instructions will be given after you generate your completed application worksheet. The essay will be edited for impartiality (removal of name, and  identifying affiliation) prior to submission to a panel of twenty industry individuals who will evaluate for on-topic submission, attention to page setup, etc. The essay will account for 60% of the application process.
    4. Application and supporting documents must be transmitted on or before February 15, 2023. Unless we are notified via email of delay submitting specific required documents (transcript), incomplete applications will be not be considered after 2/15.
    5. Winning students must be available to attend one of two July 2023 awards dinners:  There are NO special circumstances that apply for non-attendance.


a. Candidate transfers to an accredited four-year US college/university beginning with Fall, 2023 term/semester, as full-time student.

b. Students enrolled in a 4-year college or university PRIOR to Fall 2023 are ineligible for this scholarship.

c. Essay: SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS WILL BE ABLE TO DISCUSS THEIR STRONG COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY SERVICE. Specific instructions and prompt will be given after you generate the completed application worksheet. Your essay will be evaluated for on-topic submission, attention to page setup and will account for 60% of the application process. It will be edited for impartiality (removal of name, industry affiliation, etc.) and submitted for evaluation to a panel of twenty individuals for critical evaluation of all specific instructions.

d. Application must be transmitted on or before February 15, 2022. Applications received after 2/15, and incomplete submissions, will not be considered. 

e. Winning students MUST be available to attend one of the July, 2023 awards dinners: There are no special circumstances for non-attendance.

3. General Qualifications: BEVERAGE INDUSTRY POST-GRADUATE CANDIDATES:       This award is available to California individuals currently employed full time with a company or individual holding a valid California wine/spirits/beer license. Scholarships range from $3,000 to $5,000.

a. Candidate plans to remain employed within the California licensed beverage industry. If this is not your goal, please do not apply for this scholarship.

b. Candidate holds a Bachelors Degree from an accredited College or University.

c. Candidate has been accepted at a US University or College to pursue a post graduate degree with classes beginning Fall, 2023. Candidate is enrolled in a minimum of one course per semester, and will attend traditional on-site campus classes, or on-line courses with a licensed, accredited US university or college. Step 4 on the application requests additional information. 

d. Candidate submits an 'statement' in essay form, demonstrating past or current community service, detailing how a post-graduate degree will relate to their future career path within the beverage industry. What will set YOU apart from other candidates?

e. Candidate will complete and transmit the Beverage Industry application, along with required supporting documents on or before the due date of February 15, 2023.  Incomplete submissions submitted after 2/15 will not be considered.  

f. Additional prerequisites are detailed on the application.

g. Winning students MUST attend ONE of the July awards dinners.  There are no special circumstances for non-attendance.


Application and all supporting documents for this scholarship are TRANSMITTED ELECTRONICALLY AND MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 15, 2023 TO BE CONSIDERED. Incomplete applications will be eliminated after 2/15/2023.